DanceWorks Studios COVID Guidelines

Upon Arrival 

1. Students must not arrive earlier than 10 minutes prior to class. 

2. Students must come to class dressed and ready for class. No changing in locker rooms. 

3. Be able to answer “No” to the following questions and have temperature taken at lobby door:

In the last 14 days - 

        ▪ Have you traveled outside of Alaska? (If yes, do you have a current negative                 COVID test?)

        ▪ Has anyone in your family been in contact with someone with a confirmed case             of COVID in the last 14 days? 

        ▪ Have you had a fever over 100, difficulty breathing, cough? 

        ▪ If anyone in the household answers yes to any of the above, that family                            member may not enter the lobby. 

             *Parents must be present for questions and temp check*

6. Students and parents must wear a face mask in order to enter the lobby.

7. Students must wear masks in class at all times. 

8. Parents must leave the lobby immediately after dropping off their child. 

9. Dancers must provide their own face mask.

Before Class 

1. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up outside each studio. 

2. Barres, equipment, and door handles will be wiped down with 409 and then 1% bleach solution (remade daily) at least five minutes before class begins. 

3. While in the lobby, all individuals must maintain a 6-foot social distance, and wear a mask. 

4. Only two people in the bathroom at a time. 


During Class 

1. Studio capacity will not exceed 16 people. 

2. Students and instructors will maintain a 6-foot social distance

3. Students and instructors will wear face masks at all times. 


After Class 

1. Students will leave immediately after class (no changing in the locker rooms). 

2. All equipment, and common surfaces will be wiped down with 1% bleach solution. 


In the event someone tests positive for COVID-19 

1. If any student or staff member tests positive for COVID the class will be notified. If any dancer/parent feels unsafe attending class, a virtual option will be available to you for 2 weeks after an incident.

2. The area will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 

3. Under no circumstances should a staff member or student who feels ill come to the Studio.

4. If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they must report this to DanceWorks Studios immediately.