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Class Descriptions


Ages 3-5

Basic ballet skills, tap and tumbling. Terminology, rhythm and coordination are taught, practiced and developed through creative movement and music in a supportive and supervised enviroment. For this class girls  will need pink ballet shoes, tap shoes,and leotard. Boys will need black ballet shoes, tap shoes, and comfortable clothing.

Jazz/Pop,Tap & Tumbling

Ages 6-8

Basic hip hop, jazz, tap and tumbling terminology, skills and rhythms will be taught in this fun filled class. Students will use hip hop, jazz and tap to develop their coordination, rhythm, flexibilty and self expression. For this class students will need black jazz shoes, tap shoes, a leotard and comfortable clothing.

Tap I-II

Ages 13 & up

This technique class is designed to teach and refine tap skills. Students will learn terminology, fundamentals, rhythms and combinations. Students need tap shoes and comfortable clothing for this class.

Jazz/Pop I-II

Ages 13 & up

Jazz combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Hip Hop will introduce the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. Hip Hop is all about personal style and expression. By combining elements from both jazz and hip hop this class will include progressions across the floor and combinations. For this class students will need jazz shoes and comfortable clothing.

Jazz/Pop,Tap & Tumbling

Ages 9&UP

This dynamic class teaches the fundamentals of jazz, hip hop and tap technique. Dancers will learn rhythm, coordination and terminology through age-appropriate combinations. For this class students will need black jazz shoes, tap shoes and comfortable clothing.

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